• This is where it all began
  • Patagonia!
  • An early adventure in blending an extant pastel work & the digital
  • From Japan with reverance
  • An Early Digital Artwork by KGH of SF which has something to do with evolution
  • What does a modern man think of religion
  • An Early Digital Artwork by KGH of SF which (again) worries about the fate of our home
  • All Hail Brian Eno!
  • I wasn't particular subtle in those days, perhaps I have learned a little understament since
  • One of the better early zoom photos which were a big influence in 2008 / 2009
  • Is O'Hare (ORD) the worst airport in the world?  Probably not, but it sure has its days. . .
  • Mammon is the chief o' the gods nowadays.

This is a collection of things that I did before the "explosion" in 2008. Most of what I did between 2004 and 2007 is not worthy of exposure, but as I was learning, a few things had their own charm. .

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