What exactly is it that you do??

Ah, Process. . .

I take a lot of (digital) photos. A modest number (1 - 6 ) of unrelated individual shots are then merged using Photoshop in such a way as to induce one or more axes of symmetry. The resulting conglomeration of pixels is then transformed mathematically. This adds a rather necessary element of randomness or suprise to the result (I definetly am a follower of Eno in this regard). I then will add any number of additional photos to the transformed starting point to generate a final image that I find pleasing or relevant. I then collapse the whole collection down to a single image file and append my initials. After which the image is posted on-line for the world to see. After some random length of time, the printability of the image is verified and it is made available for purchase.

But as with all Processes, exceptions do occur. . .

What about instruction??

Call me an Outsider. I didn't have any (in art anyways). Of course, when I started college they still made the students program the computers in Computer Sci 101 using Punch Cards (!?!#%!?). So naturally courses on using computers to generate artworks were thin on the ground. But although I did draw with pencil and doodle rather a lot as a kid, I knew I was gonna be a veterinarian, so I didn't attach any importance to my efforts at drawing or painting (Neither did my 8th grade art instructor, to be frank).

Why Make Art with Computers??

As detailed more in my short bio I always had a drive to create art. I drew, I used pastels, even played with acrylics a couple of times. However, it just didn't stick. Manipulating photos on a computer did. Perhaps, I'm just enough of a nerd to get pleasure from making the "flipping" computer do what I want.

How about Influences??

In reality, there are probably too many to count, but the Big Three would be. . .

Music (!!)

This interest / attraction was noted early (by my kindergarten teacher, amongst other) and has been life-long. Jazz, Classical, Rock, Psych, Prog, Glam, Art Rock, New Wave, Krautrock, Fusion, Avant, Blues, Roots, Alternative (whatever that means), Middle Eastern, Afrobeat, Reggae, Post Rock, and Space Rock, I have sampled or dug deep into all of them and found stuff to enjoy. And yes I usually work with itunes or a CD on. . .

Another big one would be


Even a casual inspection of my artwork, should make it plain that there are a LOT of shots of the natural world that are woven in to the fabric of the works. Part of the reason is that I really love the natural world and spend a good fraction of my time out there (Camera in hand). The other part is that fractals are cool and all, but Mother Nature was the Original Mandelbrot Meister and its hard to outdo natural forms as raw materials in the process of creation. . .

The last one worth mentioning is


Which is to say Science Fiction & Fantasy literature. Not in the sense that I like drawing elves or fairies or even over-pumped warriors. But I did love the idea of creating your own world and bringing it to life. That was my first impulse when I started with digital art (e.g. Distant Vistas, and it's still a driving force whenever I sit down at the computer.

And for Artists??

I tend to be partial to the life stories of those who started off doing something else and came to it later in life, which puts a bit of a premium on individuals such as

  • Paul Gaugin
  • Henri Rousseau
  • Gene Wolfe

amongst others


I would characterize what I do as a blend of

  • Surrealism
  • Abstract Expressionism
  • Psychedelia

with a few nods to

  • Science Fiction & Fantasy Art

thrown in . . .

Which leads us to the obligatory

Artistic Statement !!

My goal as a digital artist is to transform the ordinary or unnoticed scenes of our world into something new. Photographs of nature, souvenirs, kitsch, glass, and ruins are combined, twisted, inverted, and contorted into artworks that draw on the traditions of analog (e.g. brush driven) painting but are clearly digital in origin. In doing so, I draw on life-long passions for music, abstract art, surrealism, science, science fiction, mythology, history, and nature. Hopefully the images so created will cause the viewer to look again at our world and ponder the transformations we are imposing on our planet and ourselves via the march of science and technology.

But in Reality

All Artistic Statements are Pointless.

(mine included)


The only thing that REALLY matters is. . .

Do you like it?

And if you don't. . .

All the Post-Modernist, Anti-Contextual, Hyperbole in the Universe shouldn't actually help make it any more palatable. . .

or as Frank Zappa wrote

"The Ultimate Rule ought to be:

'If it sounds GOOD to you, it's b_tchin';

if it sounds BAD to YOU, it's sh_tty"

from The Real Frank Zappa Book © 1990

which when applied to the visual arts boils down to

Just Look at it!

Which I certainly Encourage you, the visitor, to do.

All images & content © Kenneth G Hadlock

All rights reserved. (though if you're interested, you are free to inquire)