One of life's great joys is finding the time to sit back and listen to some interesting music. Of course what you and I find interesting or worthwhile may be rather different. I'll start off by letting you know that when it comes to "new" (made in the last 10 years) music, most of what I buy would/could be classified as

  • Space Rock
  • Psych
  • Post-Rock
  • Prog

I also have a pretty extensive collection, spanning the following genres, obtained over 30+ years of buying / collecting.

Avant Blues Classic Rock Electronica
Glam Krautrock New Wave Post-Rock
Prog 50s R&B Psych60s R&B
Space Rock Surf Reggae World Music
Fusion Latin Jazz Classical

Of the Modern "Indie / Alternative " Rock bands I can excited about some (or all) of the output of

Radiohead Cake The Flaming Lips
The Mars Volta Tame Impala The Decemberists
MGMT Muse Sigur Rós
Arcade Fire Wilco Mogwai

Which, as I freely admit, weaves around and behind a LOT of the artists / bands that you might find on other lists (e.g. here or here). But, as these things are reckoned, I'm definitely a "Rocker" not a "Popper" and so I leave the debates over who inherited Michael Jackson's mantle as the King of Pop to others.

Of the stuff I bought last year, I'm most excited about.

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