About Photography

It's a fact of life that Digital Art Requires a Source for the Pixels.

You can draw them, scan them, mathematically arrange them, or even (gasp!) "download" them, but for me the primary source for pixels has always been my trusty camera.

And as a photographer, I tend to take two rather different types of shots. The first are rather "classical" nature / landscape photos.

Arches National Park, past Broken Arch near the Campground

I take these, mostly because I Love being outdoors. Since the primary purpose is just to "get out there", most of my shots are acquired on hikes and are shot handheld with an 18-300 zoom lens. Mostly this is due to a desire not to be tramping on a 8 mile loop with 20 lbs of extra gear. It's also true that I did most of my learning with a Canon G3 (e.g. a small handheld digital camera) so that I naturally tend towards raising the camera and framing the shot while holding it. As a consequence I do rather less animal / creature photography than some - since to capture the animals well you need about 500 mm of lens - which means a sturdy tripod. It's also true that if you want to shoot animals, staying put (e.g not hiking) is the best call. Since I'm often after the exercise, that also tends to work against animal photography. Still I have just recently got the new Tamaron SP 150 - 600mm mongo zoom, and plan to try and make good use of it this coming season.

If you find the nature / landscape photography of interest you can find a whole lot more of it at

  • Go to Fine Art America

    Fine Art America

  • Go to 500px


  • Go to flickr


The second type of photos I take, are anything that I think will be useful for the artwork.

This covers a VERY wide range of subjects, but outside of (some) desert localities ( DeNaZin Wilderness!) doesn't tend overlap the landscapes noted above. I tend to go for anything involving, glass, reflections, lights, and motion. Macro photography also plays a big part (get close !). I've put a couple of examples of the sort of shot that I've found useful in the past, below.

  • Glass beads & ice up nice and close
  • inflated plastic for fun & profit
  • Nice clean Macro bloom
  • Glasses & Glass w reflections

And to tell the truth, I've taken about as many of these with my little Canon S95 as I have with the big boys. Hey 10 megapixels is generally fine as per size and the ease of use and discretion (ya look just like a tourist) can't be beat.

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