Exhibitions and Related Stuff

Relative to many others, I do rather less of the whole "Interacting with the Public" thing. But that's Not to say I NEVER do it. What follows is a list of the various art fairs, exhibitions, and gallery shows I have participated in.


In between buying a house, moving, and other projects I didn't get out that much. . .


MAF 2013

Marin Art Festival (Juried)

June 15 & 16th , 2013

Marin Civic Center, San Rafael, CA


Tiburon Art Festival

Tiburon Art Festival (Juried)

August 25th & 26th , 2012

Tiburon, CA www.tiburonartfestival.org

Fig & Fantasy

The Work Dryad was accepted for the

Figuration and Fantasy show

June 8 - July 14 2012

Blue Line Arts Gallery, Roseville, CA

Hybrid II

Hybrid II group Art Show

June 2, 2012

San Anselmo Memorial Park,

San Anselmo, CA


Hierophany III

Cover II art contest.

Honorable mention for Hierophany III at My Art Contest.com

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