For a start, all this site is new. . .

It probably doesn't look that different from the old one. If you're using a desktop computer and don't actually click on any art (?!?) that is. But for the rest of you, coming in from a phone or (hopefully) an ipad, things are a lot better than they used to be. A whole lot better. And, as a bonus, the Artwork is more or less compete and up to date (not counting the end of 2014, see below).

So Enjoy!

And if that weren't enough. . .

I have finally got around to expanding onto

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Which, if rumors are to be believed, is fast becoming a rather important marketplace for art. It does get consistent kudos for being more visual, than other sites out there. So I'm jumping in. In fact if it wasn't for Pinterest, I probably wouldn't have spent so much time on this remodel. But I figured, that if I was going to try to maintain yet another on-line site, I better have it lead back to something that looked O.K.

And for those of you who like to stay up with current events, you really should head over to my

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Which is still the site that gets the most attention from my fractured brain. And the most updates. And News. Maybe someday the evil facebook will be replaced, but it hasn't happened yet.

And of course, I occasionally take breaks from coding (amongst other activities) to generate some new art

  • Knots XXXVIII

  • Deus X Machina

    Who put those fractals in the sky?
  • Fault Lines

    Watch out for the Earthquakes
  • Enter the Octagon

    Just like the Colosseum

The above are four from the last quarter of 2014. Still using lots o' fractals. Indeed it's about time to add "The Book of Fractals" to my one lonely publication effort.

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  • Yes, I do have an e-book you can download. Go for it.

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