A few random bits of information about equipment and related matters

Current Cameras

  • Nikon D600 with Nikor AF-S 28-300 mm zoom lens
  • Canon S95 (when portability or discretion are paramount)

And yes, I had the "Spotting Problem" and sent my D600 back to Nikon to get the sensor cleaned and the new shutter mechanism installed. Took a Month (?!? thanks o' lot NIKON). It has been better since then.

I also have

  • Nikon D80 with Nikor 18-200 zoom lens
  • And of course, an iphone. . .

I'm pretty well set for now; but I am keeping (half) an eye on

Other Lenses

  • AF-S Micro Nikkor 105 mm macro lens
  • Tamaron 70 – 300 mm telephoto

Next on the List

Probably a larger telephoto lens for capturing the animals & birds.


  • CS5 Extended. Still.
    (I just started with the Creative Cloud but am currently using it primarily for photos)
  • Run on a 2.93 GHz Quad core Mac Pro with 6 GB RAM
  • Primary monitor is a NEC MultiSync PA241W

2013 was all about integrating fractals and learning Mandelbulb 3D The Windows version, actually. (Now I gotta learn Mandelbulber too).

Favorite Plug Ins

I actually use fewer than you might imagine, but I AM a fan of

Coming Soon: Various Tutorials

which is really the point of the whole section.

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